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Wilson Haynes was established in 1983, and for more than 35 years we have grown and maintained our private client base of individuals and businesses.

Located in the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed Region we pride ourselves on being locals first, knowing this area, its people and businesses, first hand.

Wilson Haynes provides advice to individuals and businesses, and is led by our principal and major legal service provider, Jim Wilson. He is supported by our team of solicitors, paralegals and consultant legal advisers who can tackle legal issues of any complexity and scale.

At Wilson Haynes, we aim to deliver you the best outcomes, efficiently and affordably.

Jim Wilson

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Just brilliant!!! Rarely we come across a legal firm that goes above and beyond like this one. Jim Wilson is an outstanding professional that has surpassed all our expectations. A firm that is highly effective, personalised, cost effective and care about their clients. Thank you Jim for your honestly, integrity, knowledge and professionalism. Truly extraordinary, clients for life!

Priscila Lerch

Jim Wilson is an exceptional solicitor and person. His support to my business has given us enormous peace of mind. He works for his clients to get what they want. Not just to clock time and charge fees. He has his heart in the job and I feel that he is effectively a part of my business. Thank you Jim and your team for every occasion that we've needed. You have over delivered!

Mark Hamawi

I cannot recommend Jim Wilson and his team highly enough. After getting very expensive and complicated legal advice elsewhere, Jim explained how things could be dealt with simply and practically, with a much cheaper cost and a great result. Thanks so much Jim, really appreciate your down to earth legal advice.

Stephen Pollard

Honest and reliable advice from a veteran of the law industry. Jim has offered on a number of instances straightforward, uncomplicated advice and solutions. Thanks Jim

Edward Plant

Jim has helped us a few times over the years and we've always found him to have a great balance of professionalism and friendliness. He's delivered strong results at affordable rates and saved us large amounts of time and money that would have been spent with other lawyers.


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Established in 1983, our firm well understands the cross-border Southern Gold Coast and Tweed regions. We also act for clients in Sydney and Brisbane.

We are a personalised firm with a large private client base of individuals and businesses. Our reputable solicitors can tackle legal issues of any scale.

Our major legal service provider, Jim Wilson (Principal), has a first degree and practical experience in commercial and service industries other than law, as do our support staff.


If you are an employee or a retiree, young or old, then eventually you will need legal services in some shape or form to deliver you the best outcomes, efficiently and affordably. Moving through life as a student, then an employee, and then on to retirement, can have its challenges, and Wilson Haynes is here to ensure that none of your actual or potential legal challenges are overwhelming. Listed below are some examples of the types of areas, in which we have found people need sound individual and personal legal advice. We offer a 40-minute, no-cost consultation to clients, to talk through any of the matters mentioned below.


If you are a person who wishes to enter business for yourself, or are currently a person who owns a business or a company, Wilson Haynes’ legal services will deliver you the best outcomes, efficiently and affordably.
Entering business requires a lot more than passion and a great idea. Most new businesses fail within the first 3 years of commencing. For those that survive, the challenges increase due to the changing regulatory environment; the rapidity of changes to the competitive landscape; and the need to continually invest in improving your business model.

Wilson Haynes has a proven track record of ensuring that, if you wish to enter business or want to continue in business, we can work with you; your accountants; and financial planners to ensure that the challenges do not become overwhelming, and best outcomes are achieved with identified opportunities.


Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Most people put off engaging a lawyer for their personal or business affairs until it’s too late, leaving their loved ones exposed to unnecessary stress and costs.

Not having a will or a succession plan for your own assets or your business can mean that the entitlements of your family and others are at the mercy of the courts.

The reasons people put off hiring a lawyer are varied, but most often, it revolves around people either wanting to maintain ‘their’ control, or that they perceive lawyers to be too expensive.

However, having a trusted legal adviser in your corner can protect you from what you don’t know and making costly mistakes, for example, one wrong word or clause missing, can change the entire legality of a will or trust.

Further, having a trusted legal advisor when starting out in business or as an employee or retiree can significantly reduce the risk of any future legal ‘bunfights’, because you have set up valid documents, with all parties, where there is little-to-no room for disagreement.

The one thing I notice when working with people pro-actively, either on their estate planning or the legal side of their business is their visible relief.

  • Relief that everything is in order.
  • Relief that their loved ones are protected.
  • Relief that their business is protected.
  • Relief that their intellectual property is protected.

This is why I’m passionate about helping people to FUTURE-PROOF their assets and their business.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Experience that sense of relief for yourself knowing that all your personal and business affairs are in order. 

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These persons are generally in the last 10-15 years of their working lives, having made genuine attempts...


It is to be hoped that retirees have sufficient funds to fund their retirement and to be able to self-finance...


The keys to success for businesses are their operating agreements. They cover such things as finance...


All properly run  businesses require appropriate business structures, such as companies, trusts or...

Managers & Employees

It is important that managers and employees have proper contracts of employment in place with their employers...

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If you are interested in discussing your current legal issues or considerations and how we may help you, contact us today to book in your free 40 minute consultation with our Principal Solicitor, Jim Wilson.

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