Jim Wilson, Principal of Wilson Haynes solicitors, said today that Gold Coast City Council should not approve the Burleigh Pavilion development application for 4 key reasons, which all went to the public interest in the matter.

Mr Wilson said, “Firstly, our investigations have concluded that the application is fundamentally flawed in 2 key respects:
i.              its total lack of car parking supply and servicing- vehicle access in an extremely busy and small urban space comprising residential, tourist, and public recreational area of the Burleigh precinct; and
ii.            its omission of $2,924.416.00 in car space contributions which the applicant will be required by Council Code to contribute to the public purse.”

Mr Wilson went on to say, “ Secondly, a hotel development and entertainment precinct, as is proposed, will unacceptably adversely impact on the passive recreational amenity of the John Laws Park where, over the years, Council has provided numerous safe BBQ facilities, shelters and park embellishments for public use and which are extremely well patronised, with parking already a problem. This accords with the purpose of the Open Space Zone Code, namely, to provide for local district and regional scale parks that serve the recreational needs of a wide range of residents and visitors.”

“Thirdly, it represents a significantly-expanded commercial intrusion into the coastal environment of Burleigh, which is historically an integral part of the community and recently listed as part of the international World Surfing Reserve movement.” Mr Wilson went on to say.
Fourthly, Mr Wilson said, “What concerns us most is that, in view of the unacceptably adverse effect of such a development on the amenity, character and long-standing vision for this historically-valuable environmental precinct, is whether Council will recognise its responsibility to the community to dismiss the application. The dismissal should be based on maintaining and protecting the best interests of the broader Gold Coast community and visitors, and their expectations in regard to the precinct, which have never included a hotel incorporating an “entertainment precinct.”

Mr Wilson concluded by saying, “It is significant that, in the applicant’s lease from the State, the State has seen fit, in the public interest, to exclude the adverse outcomes of a hotel and entertainment precinct from the authorised uses of the premises. We must all pressure the State Government to not accede to any request from the applicant to vary the uses under the lease to expand its use of the premises to a hotel and entertainment precinct.”

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