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“The importance of enduring powers of attorney”

You may have heard the term “Estate Planning.” This is the term used to bring together all the life and death considerations relating to your health and your wealth. It is a dynamic process during your life: it is not a “once-only event”. Life considerations: Life considerations relate to what happens if you lose capacity […]

Enduring Powers of Attorney – How to get it right and avoid the pitfalls

We recently advised an elderly client whose appointed Attorney had begun using their powers made under their Power of Attorney without proper consultation.  This is because, some years ago, the Power of Attorney gave immediate power to the Attorney appointed to act on her behalf in relation to her financial affairs, despite the fact that she was still mentally […]

What is Estate Planning?

Everyone has an estate which is represented by all you own, either now or at the date of your passing. Readers will often hear the words “Estate Planning” and wonder how they relate to their Will. A Will is just one part of a person’s effective Estate Plan. In addition to standard “giving” clauses, a […]