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Wills and Testament

Don’t have your estate pay unnecessary tax – after you die. In your will, give your beneficiaries the option of taking their inheritance directly or via a testamentary discretionary trust. This could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax* How your will can save tax for your estate and beneficiaries: By streaming income […]

“The importance of enduring powers of attorney”

You may have heard the term “Estate Planning.” This is the term used to bring together all the life and death considerations relating to your health and your wealth. It is a dynamic process during your life: it is not a “once-only event”. Life considerations: Life considerations relate to what happens if you lose capacity […]

“Prepare Today For What Might Happen Tomorrow”

If you are the partner or spouse of a person, you should make yourself aware of the following, while your partner is alive: Where is your partner’s will located or stored (at the bank or a solicitor’s safe custody)? Are you the executor of the person’s will? – If not who is? Does your partner […]

What roles can you give your solicitor in your Will?

Can a solicitor be an executor of a will? You can nominate your solicitor to be the paid executor of your Will. On your death, your executor obtains Probate or may also be required to hold some assets in trust for certain beneficiaries, with distribution to them, on their attaining a certain age. When all […]