Preparing your Will involves a lot more than simply ascertaining to whom you want to leave your property, goods, chattels and cash when you die.

Wilson Haynes – solicitors, conveyancers and business advisors – will also explore a range of other important issues with you which may affect how you instruct us to prepare your Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents.

Our comprehensive estate planning appointments address the following about you and your intended beneficiaries:

  1. Relationships – prior and new personal relationships and the form of those relationships;
  2. Additions to relationships – adoptions, births, carers, excluded beneficiaries etc;
  3. Assets – acquisitions and sales of significant assets or investments; significant loans and gifts to family members; and any changes of interest in and ownership structures of assets and investments (for example sale of interests by third party);
  4. Liabilities – extent of them (including associated businesses) and whether there have been any solvency issues;
  5. Superannuation – self-managed superannuation funds, employer funds or retail funds; and
  6. Health – disabilities, health problems or addictions.

Principal, Jim Wilson said: “Executing legally binding Wills, Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship documents involves more than just making a list of assets and liabilities.

“We offer a comprehensive estate planning service which thoroughly explores the above matters so that your Will accurately reflects your wishes for your beneficiaries and your Enduring Power of Attorney and other documents contain all the necessary specific clauses so that your end of life planning is as legally certain as possible.”

Wilson Haynes – solicitors, conveyancers and business advisors – offers a free 45-minute initial consultation to all new estate planning clients to gather information, make recommendations and cost our legal services to you. To book your FREE consultation please call Jim Wilson on 07 5536 3055 (ext. 4).

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