Contested Wills & Estates

Wilson Haynes Solicitors specialise in contested estates in both Queensland and New South Wales.   

If you feel that the terms of a will are unfair, are uncertain about the validity of a will, or are an executor of an estate likely to be contested, Wilson Haynes Solicitors can assist you.

In Queensland and New South Wales, a will can be generally be successfully contested if any of the following can be established:

  1. The will is “grossly unfair”;
  2. The testator (will-maker) lacked capacity at the time the will was drafted; or
  3. Undue influence; duress or fraud.

For beneficiaries considering contesting a will, it is critical that you obtain the appropriate legal advice in the very early stages, to avoid missing the strict timeframes for making a claim. It can also prevent you from agreeing to a settlement which is much lower than your true entitlement or pursuing a baseless claim.

For executors, getting the right advice early will result in the avoidance of common mistakes and possibly a claim being avoided altogether.

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