We are experienced conveyancing solicitors  specialising in residential and commercial conveyancing in New South Wales and Queensland.

All of our conveyancing services are offered on a fixed-fee basis, so our clients know upfront exactly what will be delivered and for what price.

If you have started thinking about buying and selling property, you will have no doubt heard of the term “conveyancing”. Conveyancing falls under the umbrella of property law and is the legal process of transferring land from one person or entity to another.

Why do I need a conveyancing solicitor?

Make a mistake when buying or selling property and it is going to be expensive, emotionally distressing and possibly very inconvenient for your living circumstances. However, obtain the right representation from the beginning and your interests will be properly protected and the unnecessary stress can be removed from the transaction.

Solicitor or conveyancing company – where is the distinction?

It can be tempting to engage a cut-price conveyancing company, however having an experienced property solicitor represent you in one of the most important transactions you can undertake, could end up being the most cost-effective real estate investment you ever make. For instance, if a dispute arises, a solicitor can give immediate legal advice and take appropriate remedial legal action, whereas a ‘conveyancer’ who is not a solicitor, cannot.

The Wilson Haynes Solicitors conveyancing service

At Wilson Haynes, we offer excellent value for your money at competitive rates. Our conveyancing service includes:

  • Fixed-fee quotation
  • Preparation of contract of sale for sellers and review of contract of sale for buyers
  • Conducting and reviewing property searches
  • Excellent communication: you will have a direct line to Sean Powell (Senior Associate Solicitor) and Davina Stoddart (Conveyancing Paralegal)
  • Regular updates regarding the status of your transaction, approaching settlement conditions and completion of the transaction
  • Expertise in negotiating and liaising with solicitors, conveyancers, lenders, brokers and real estate agents
  • Advice on stamp duty concessions and exemptions

Contact Sean Powell to discuss your conveyance and obtain a fixed-fee quote.

Sean can be contacted on:

Direct line:          07 5536 3055 ext 3

Office line:          07 5536 3055 ext 1


Cost Free Initial Consultation

If you are interested in knowing more about how we might be able to assist you, please call
07 5536 3055 to make a cost free initial, 40 minute consultation with our Principal, Mr Jim Wilson.