Deceased Estates

Wilson Haynes Solicitors have over 35 years’ experience managing deceased estates in both Queensland and New South Wales.   

In almost all cases, we can offer a fixed-fee service from start to finish, so our clients know upfront exactly what will be delivered and for what price.

When a person dies leaving assets in New South Wales or Queensland, their executor or next of kin will usually be required to apply for a grant of probate from the Supreme Court of the relevant state.

A grant of probate is an order from the Supreme Court which confirms that the will is valid and is used to satisfy banks, the titles office, nursing homes and other institutions, that the deceased person’s assets can be released to the executor for distribution or sale.

When a person dies without a will or if their will is not valid (e.g. not properly witnessed; deceased executors an no available substitutes) a grant of letters of administration from the Supreme Court will be required. The application process is similar to a probate application; however, it is usually more complex, and the tasks required to satisfy the court are more onerous. 

Contrary to the assumption of many executors, critical differences exist between the law in New South Wales and Queensland and there can be significant consequences for executors and beneficiaries when these laws are not complied with.

Executors should always seek the advice of a legal professional experienced in deceased estate administration before commencing their duties as executor.

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