Enduring Power of Attorney & Guardianship

We are experienced estate planning solicitors specialising in the appointment of enduring powers of attorney and enduring guardian for Queensland and New South Wales residents.

All of our estate planning services are offered on a fixed-fee basis, so you know upfront exactly what will be delivered and for what price.

Important note: Queensland residents will not require an enduring guardian document as health and lifestyle powers are covered by an enduring power of attorney. This is not the case for New South Wales residents who require an enduring guardian.

Life Considerations

In addition to your will, your estate plan should include the following life considerations (at an absolute minimum):

  • Enduring Power of Attorney
  • Enduring Guardian

These documents operate while you are alive and give legal authority to a designated person or persons to manage your financial and health matters, in the event that you become of unsound mind or are simply unable to look after yourself, for whatever reason.

For example, these documents can authorise a trusted person to:

  • Sell or transfer real estate in your name
  • Do your banking, pay your bills and manage your investments
  • Act as a director of a company in your stead
  • Decide what level of care you require and where you are to live
  • Provide financial support to your dependants

You can also prepare an Advance Healthcare Directive (living will) to assist your legal appointees and family when making difficult decisions regarding medical treatment and related matters when you have lost your capacity to make those decisions for yourself. Having an Advance Healthcare Directive in place can overcome conflict and stress in difficult situations where the views of loved ones are often divergent and may not align with your own personal wishes. They also allow you to take control of your future health decisions while you still have the mental capacity to do so.


You can only implement these documents while you have mental capacity, which can be lost at any time due to an unforeseen illness or accident. We have seen first hand the emotional distress suffered by spouses and children who are left unable to sell property to pay out a mortgage or sign critical company documents because their partner/parent has unexpectedly lost capacity due to illness or injury and does not have an enduring power of attorney in place.

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