Quarterly Newsletter

SUMMER OFFER – VALID until 15 February 2019

One hour, no-cost LEGAL STATUS REVIEW of documents relating to either of:

  • your WILL and ESTATE (including Enduring Powers of Attorney; Binding Death Benefit Nominations; Appointments of Enduring Guardian etc); or
  • your BUSINESS (partnership and shareholder agreements; operational-type agreements; Trademarks and IP; and succession planning).

We will discuss with you what documents you have; what changes you may need to make to the documents to ensure they are enforceable; what other documents you might need; and give you an estimate of costs, so you can budget for improving your position.

There are a limited number of appointments available, so please phone Danielle at our office on 07 5536 3055 to make a booking to meet with our Principal, Jim Wilson.

Wills and Estate Planning
We have recently prepared and had printed a “Checklist for managing your personal affairs” which has been developed for employees, retirees, tradies and business owners. If you have any queries about making a will and what should be contained in it, please call Jim Wilson on 07 5536 3055 x 4

Get your copy here: Checklist for managing your personal affairs

Deceased Estates
We recently held a successful free public seminar on the ‘Facts and Fiction’ surrounding whether a person’s will can be challenged.

Generally, there are two major grounds upon which a will may be challenged or contested:

  1. The will was not an accurate reflection of the will-maker’s true intentions – due to lack of mental capacity, undue influence by a third party, fraud, forgery or tampering; and
  2. The will was “grossly unfair”, because it does not make adequate provision for an eligible claimant, such as a spouse or child, which gives rise to ‘family provision’ claims by disgruntled parties who feel they should have been provided for, or better provided for.

If you have any queries about whether a will can be contested or challenged, please call Sean Powell (Senior Associate) on 07 5536 3055 x 3 to arrange a free initial consultation.

Business Agreements
Constitutional Agreements: if you, your trust or your company is going into business with another person or entity, you can do so as a partner; a shareholder; or a joint venturer. We recommend that you ‘constitute’ your arrangement by putting in place Constitutional Agreements to cover these arrangements. Please call Jim Wilson, Principal on 07 5536 3055 x 4, should you have genuine plans to go into business with others and need a constitutional agreement.

Company Law
Jim Wilson completed the Family Business Association of Australia Director’s Course a number of years ago. This month, he added to this by becoming a Certified Advisory Board Chair with the Advisory Board Centre, which operates nationally. This will be a great adjunct to our practice of  law. Please call Jim Wilson on 07 5536 3055 x 4 if you are a business owner or director who wants to know more about Advisory Boards.

For more information, see http://www.advisoryboardcentre.com.au/


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