How Family Law Cases Can Be Sped Up


How Family Law Cases Can Be Sped Up The Family Law court system is known to be slow and can take up to 2 years to resolve a dispute. That is why a participant in the proceedings needs to be organised, instruct their solicitor fully and frankly at all stages, be on time with information […]

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Legal Challenges to the Will (Estate) and their Legal Costs


Legal Challenges to the Will (Estate) and their Legal Costs What is a challenge? Here we talk about legal challenges to the estate of a deceased by disgruntled beneficiaries or people who feel that they should not have been left out of the will. These challenges should be instigated promptly by the challengers, after the […]

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Probate Explained


Probate Explained What is Probate: Probate of wills, granted by the Supreme Court, is required where there are assets in the estate, such as non-joint tenancy real estate and other assets (cash, shares, property etc) to be transferred to beneficiaries. The executors of the deceased’s estate instruct solicitors to apply for Probate, which cannot occur until  […]

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Do Insurance Companies Cover you for the Wrong Advice from Non-Lawyers?


Do Insurance Companies Cover you for the Wrong Advice from Non-Lawyers? Increasingly, I am encountering cases where some accountants establish companies and trusts for their clients. They fill in forms and send them to online provides of legal documents who say they produce ‘tailored’ company and trust documents applicable to the client’s individual requirements. The […]

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How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets


How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Assets Australians are an inventive and creative people. Whether it is coming up with inventions that are patentable; designs that are registrable; or trademarks that are, likewise, registerable, Australians are at the top of the list worldwide. These new inventions, designs, and trademarks, along with copyright (publications and music […]

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Changes to .au Domain Rules and Impact on Trademarks


Changes to .au Domain Rules and Impact on Trademarks .au Domain Administration Limited (the administrator of .au domain names) is introducing a new set of rules for those who wish to hold, or continue to hold, a .au domain name. The new rules come into effect on 12 April 2021. Under the new rules, a […]

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covid 19 legal information

What are my legal rights about the COVID-19 Vaccine?


Can I be forced to get the COVID-19 Vaccine by my employer or the law? The Pfizer vaccine has arrived in Australia and is in full swing of being administered, with a second vaccine not far behind for those in Phase 2. While the first groups to have the vaccination include those in the top […]

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What happens to lotto wins in a separation


It’s been a tough year for many Australian’s and coming into the New Year we’d all love to be fortunate enough to have a windfall of some kind. Winning the lotto or any big windfall isn’t easy; otherwise, we’d all be walking around as millionaires. But having a windfall does happen from time-to-time, and the […]

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PRESS RELEASE                                                                         10.12.2020 BUSHFIRE RISK AND BODY CORPORATES – WATERSHED DECISION As of today, Body Corporates are on notice to manage and control their common property reasonably and for the benefit of all lot owners, as per Section 152 (1) of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act, Qld. A decision today by the Office […]

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family law

9 ways to avoid conflict for separated families this Christmas


With under two months till Christmas, the “season to be jolly” can also be the “season for stress” for many people. A lack of time, money, credit card debt and the pressure of having to appear happy in the holiday season can be too much for many relationships. This time last year, the Today Show […]

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