The Law is an ass: Liquidators are given unrealistically- preferential treatment


If you are a business person, you need to read this. And you need to seek changes to the Corporations Act. Speak to you local member.  You – trying to do business So you are a business (a creditor) owed money by another business (a debtor)  either as a ‘ sum certain’ or  under a […]

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Press Release: Bushfires Royal Commission- Developers, Councils and Body Corporates on notice.


PRESS RELEASE: 3/11/20BUSHFIRES ROYAL COMMISSION FINDINGS – DEVELOPERS, COUNCILS AND BODY CORPORATES ON NOTICE NOT TO BE NEGLIGENT Jim Wilson, Principal of Wilson Haynes solicitors believes that the outtake of the Bushfires Royal Commission findings and recommendations was that communities and leadership within those communities needed to proactively upgrade Bushfire Safety Management Plans (BSMPs) and, […]

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The frightening cost of commercial litigation for the average “Joe”


Run your life and business to avoid it, at all costs How often have you heard a person say, “Well, we will sue them!” How often have you also heard a person say, “Well, let them sue me!” These words reflect my personal adage that “the first casualty of emotion is common sense.” Persons who […]

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covid 19 mental health

Mental Health Skyrockets During COVID-19 and Your Legal Rights


It seems the R U OK? National Day held on September 10, has been more critical for Australians than any other year with reports of over 3326 calls for help in a single day. Lifeline experienced the busiest period in its 57-year history between March and June with almost 90,000 calls recorded every month. Additionally, […]

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Chutter Snap

Tweed Heads Catches The Gold Coast Disease – In Town Planning


Most people understand that town planning schemes require council’s to approve ‘adequate’ parking for commercial developments, to minimise the impact of on-street parking on surrounding areas. Councils and councillors trumpet this as them doing the job they are paid to do, or were elected to do. However, what councils and councillors do not tell us residents and […]

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what is a sovereign citizen

How Does the Law Apply to Sovereign Citizens?


The media has been flooded in recent weeks with people claiming their rights to Sovereign law. Sparked by the coronavirus, the movement has seen people refusing to wear masks, not complying with border check regulations, and blatantly disobeying of public health orders to try and outsmart authorities. So, what exactly is a ‘sovereign citizen’ and […]

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Before You Separate – What To Ask Your Family Lawyer

Before You Separate – What To Ask Your Family Lawyer


The decision to see a family lawyer isn’t an easy one. It usually comes with plenty of heavy emotions, and when children are involved, it can be a delicate process for everyone involved. Separation can be a long process, and there will be areas of legality you’re likely to run into where you may be […]

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making a will

What Questions Does A Solicitor Ask When Making A Will?


Planning a will is never an easy time and can cause a great deal of stress if you’re not prepared. Deciding how to distribute your assets equitably among your loved ones requires a lot of understanding and empathy and having a qualified solicitor help you navigate through the decision process can make the all the […]

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Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) – critical to proper estate planning


  Most people think of estate planning as involving only the preparation of a will, which nominates beneficiaries of the will maker’s estate on his/ her death. However, the wealth of your estate on your death is determined by what you do, while you are alive. If, during your life, you encounter mental or health […]

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How to manage contracts for provision of goods and services


How to manage contracts for provision of goods and services Here we give you our Top 5 pointers on how to manage contracts, whether you are the person or organisation contracting to receive them, or are the deliverer of them. Personal Property Securities Register- relevant for all suppliersThe PPSA (Personal Property Securities Act 2012) was introduced on 30 […]

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