Cross-border conveyancing:


The dangers of simultaneously selling your property in NSW and purchasing in QLD Most people assume that conveyancing legislation in Queensland and New South Wales is essentially the same. However, they could not be more wrong! There are a wide array of differences starting with the preparation and signing of contracts and ending with the […]

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PRESS RELEASE BURLEIGH PAVILLION DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED -SHOULD NOT BE APPROVED Jim Wilson, Principal of Wilson Haynes solicitors, said today that Gold Coast City Council should not approve the Burleigh Pavilion development application for 4 key reasons, which all went to the public interest in the matter. Mr Wilson said, “Firstly, our investigations have concluded that […]

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Quarterly Newsletter


SUMMER OFFER – VALID until 15 February 2019 One hour, no-cost LEGAL STATUS REVIEW of documents relating to either of: your WILL and ESTATE (including Enduring Powers of Attorney; Binding Death Benefit Nominations; Appointments of Enduring Guardian etc); or your BUSINESS (partnership and shareholder agreements; operational-type agreements; Trademarks and IP; and succession planning). We will discuss with you what documents you […]

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Binding Financial Agreement or Consent Orders?


There are two ways for separating couples to legally finalise their property settlement (without resorting to suing each other): Binding financial agreement; or Consent orders. Both methods involve the parties reaching a negotiated settlement as to the distribution of their assets, however there are a number of differences in respect to how they are implemented […]

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Small Business Owners Need 3 Plans


Small Business Owners – Need 3 Plans. Financial Plan > Business Plan > Estate Plan.

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The Relevance of the Financial Services Inquiry to Personal Superannuation (FSI)


Jim Wilson worked in the financial planning industry for 5 years and held a national role in marketing…

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Buzz Words and Business Get to Know the Language


Before entering into an equity business arrangement with another party (usually by way of a shareholders’ agreement) it is important

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Seperation – How will the family court divide your assets


In the event that you and your partner are unable to reach negotiated agreement for the division of property after the breakdown of your relationship, the division of your assets, liabilities and superannuation, will be determined by the Family Court. The Court may also make additional orders for spousal maintenance in certain circumstances. The Court […]

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Small Business Costs


The Costs of Establishing a Substantial Small Business (set one up; or buy one) Whether you intend to buy a small business, or to set one up from scratch, there are many costs which are often overlooked by owners and which, if not incurred, could cause them to suffer financial pain later on. Not doing […]

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Four ‘FAMILY LAW’ Fallacies


1. The person who earned the money is entitled to more than the person who stayed home as homemaker and parent; There is no family law principle which states that financial contributions are given more weight than the non-financial contributions of a homemaker and parent. Ordinarily, full-time employment over the course of a 30-year relationship […]

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