Strata Lot Owners: Legalising Your Exclusive Use of Common (outside) areas


Watch more legal educational videos on Often we see town houses and the like, which are part of a small, ground-level strata. As such, they are part of a registered strata which has common areas adjacent to the Lots. It is not uncommon for the Lot owners to agree between themselves that certain common […]

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How do you know your Mum or Dad haven’t cut you out of their Will?


A recent case shows why and how you can be disinherited. The discretion exercised by Supreme Court judges in the recent case of Burke v Burke, has set a precedent that shows just how much power Testators (makers of wills) have to disinherit their children for being ungrateful or estranged. In Burke v Burke, the […]

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Enduring Powers of Attorney – How to get it right and avoid the pitfalls


We recently advised an elderly client whose appointed Attorney had begun using their powers made under their Power of Attorney without proper consultation.  This is because, some years ago, the Power of Attorney gave immediate power to the Attorney appointed to act on her behalf in relation to her financial affairs, despite the fact that she was still mentally […]

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4 Essential Tips for Buying or Selling a Business in Leased Premises


If you are buying or selling a business that leases premises, the Lessor (Landlord) must approve the Purchaser before they agree to assign the lease over to them.  The landlord’s mortgagee may also need to give approval. As well as, lessors of any key equipment being sold with the business. The Landlord (and other parties) also want to be reasonably satisfied the […]

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What is Estate Planning?


Everyone has an estate which is represented by all you own, either now or at the date of your passing. Readers will often hear the words “Estate Planning” and wonder how they relate to their Will. A Will is just one part of a person’s effective Estate Plan. In addition to standard “giving” clauses, a […]

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Trademark Registration


Trademark Consultant: Brand Protection – Intellectual Property – Trademark Registration. A trademark can be a letter, number, word, phrase, logo, picture etc.aspect of packaging or any combination of these. It is used to distinguish goods and services of one trade from those of another. This means you can’t register a trade mark that directly describes […]

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